Good news for transportation service providers


Please contact for a Free-of-charge proof-of-concept pilot project to have the first-hand experience of ShippingHub Product Suite, simply send us a sample rate sheet and we’ll do the rest.

We have been working hard and are proud to introduce SmartCarrier for smarter carriers to

  • securely share shipment data - as it happens - with internal and external users via purpose-built Control Tower templates

  • utilize SmartRate templates & SmartRates API to easily engage and integrated with enterprise shippers

  • use Cost Simulator to generate rated billing files and perform what-if scenarios.

  • implement multiple easily integrated shipping solutions to satisfy enterprise shippers' diverse set of Shipper business rules: Server-based SmartShip, Browser-based OnlineEntry, Excel-based SmartEntry templates, and CONFIRM APIs to process shipments, print branded shipping labels and/or waybills, and capture shipment data to minimize data entry

ShippingHub product suite is designed to co-exist with internal dispatch, billing, and clients’ ERP, WMS and/or TMS, forming a solely missed Shipment Information Infrastructure.

With minimal effort and time investment, simply forward sample rate sheets to

ShippingHub will do the rest:

  • Create branded SmartRate template with link to web pages from original rate sheet

  • Configure branded shipping label, waybill and optional end-of-day pick-up summary label

  • Configure branded SmartShip, OnlineEntry and SmartEntry template with sample INSERT APIs

  • Configure sample CONFIRM APIs for automatic shipment processing

SmartCarrier - flyer.pdf

Steps to become a Smarter Carrier

  • Simplified the RFP process: request rate sheets, perform cost simulations, repeat for best possible rates

  • Online rate-shop

  • Simplified shipment processing with easy-to-integrate shipping solutions

  • Securely share shipment data with authorized internal and external users via ShippingHub Control Tower

  • Carrier Payment processing with purpose-built ShippingHub Control Tower templates