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Amelia Rules: The Whole World's Crazy by Jimmy Gownley

Amelia is having a bad year. Her parents just divorced so she is forced to leave the city, her friends, and her dad. She now lives with her mom and her Aunt Tanner in Tanner’s house in the suburbs, goes to a new school, and she has to make new friends. What’s worse…the group she becomes friends with is part of the “nerd group”. What a way to begin 4th grade! But through it all Amelia becomes a superhero, gets to know the school principal very well (for all the wrong reasons), takes on the school bullies, learns a lot about Santa Claus, and she learns even more from her Aunt Tanner. I guess you can learn and survive when you are in 4th grade. This is a great book to read whether you are having a bad year or not. Even if you only read for fun you may actually learn (On no, not learn!) something…especially about Santa. If you want to learn more about Amelia then you should visit the Ameliaverse website at You can even listen to her TALK about “nowhereville” Pennsylvania.

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