We are pleased to announce the keynote for 2017 Technology for Independence Conference:

Does Clear Evidence yield Better Solutions?

Lessons from 25 years trying to improve the way we design and deliver assistive technology, mostly in the area of computer interfaces for people with physical impairments. A foundation of this work is the belief that clear evidence leads to better solutions. Thus we focus on measurement: measuring performance directly in our research studies, helping others gather and apply measurements using our software tools, and reviewing and synthesizing data across the literature base. What have we learned from this approach, and what contributions can it make?

Heidi Koester is the President of Koester Performance Research, a US-based company focused on using evidence to enhance outcomes for computer users who have disabilities. KPR development projects have resulted in the release of Compass software for access assessment, as well as Keyboard Wizard, Pointing Wizard, and Scanning Wizard, which are all designed to help individuals find the right access system for their needs. Our research projects have provided important information about adaptive techniques, measurement methods, and evidence-based practice in assistive technology. This research and development experience is complemented by 6 years of direct work providing assistive technology services to individuals with disabilities.