Information for charities

£17,000+ raised in 2020-21

At Sheffield RAG, we support student-led fundraising to bring our students closer to the city we live in and aim to distribute 85% of donations to organisations in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Our ethos is that we are student led, with fundraising carried out by students for the causes they care about.

We are regularly approached by charities and not for profit organisations requesting to work with our students or enquiring how to receive a share of the money that students raise. Due to the volume of enquiries we receive we are unable to advertise opportunities individually to our students.

Our charity database

We find that most of the students who choose to fundraise with us come to us with an organisation in mind that they want to support. However, for the few that are unsure, we keep a charity database that we share with them of organisations who have approached us.

The database is continuously live for students to choose from throughout the year. There is no guarantee if and when your charity may be selected.

If you wish to remove your organisation from our database or change your details, email

This database is also used by the Bummit committee to select the charities for their two annual sponsored hitchhikes in November and at Easter. If your charity is chosen, a member of the Bummit committee will be in touch in the months leading up to the event.

Join our charity database