A long Sheffield tradition of research in Aegean archaeology was formalised in 1995, with Professor Keith Branigan’s establishment of the Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology (SCAA), and further enhanced in 2004, by the appointment of John Bennet to Sheffield’s first Chair in Aegean Archaeology. The SCAA’s current constellation of academic staff and postgraduate researchers draws on expertise and specialist facilities in many disciplines – bioarchaeology, the archaeology of material culture and ancient materials, field archaeology, study of ancient texts – and is the largest in any single Archaeology department in the world. SCAA is dedicated to providing an inter-disciplinary environment for research into all aspects of the archaeology of the Aegean.

SCAA's aims are to:

  • Provide a stimulating and supportive environment for research students and visiting scholars in Aegean archaeology.
  • Stimulate and promote inter-disciplinary research in Aegean archaeology.
  • Promote seminars and 'Round Table' workshops.
  • Publish an annual research volume on a specific theme in Aegean archaeology.

This Web page tells you more about SCAA's academic staff and students and their current research activities, its ‘Round Table’ workshops and publications, and courses offered by its academic staff.