Will I recover?

People with non-epileptic attacks can fully recover and lead a normal life. However, it is also possible for attacks to become a disabling long-term problem. In the long term attacks stop in about 50% of people.

Remember to give psychological therapies time to help. They can be a lengthy process; do not expect to get better overnight.

Understanding and accepting your diagnosis can also help to improve your attacks. Some people with NEAD find it very difficult to accept the diagnosis and take up treatment. People who have this problem often continue to take antiseizure medications. These drugs do not control the attacks and have harmful side effects. If you do not take up psychological help you are less likely to recover and it is more likely that your attacks will continue.

It is not always possible to stop your attacks completely. However, reducing your attacks and improving your quality of life can make treatment worthwhile. Even if your attacks continue you can lead a full and active life. You can learn to cope with your attacks in a similar way to how people deal with uncontrolled epilepsy.

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