MARS is a seminar series that brings together the wealth of research conducted on the ancient and medieval worlds within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and beyond.

UPDATE 16 March 2020: Given the ongoing situation with Covid-19, the MARS seminar on Wednesday 25 March is cancelled. At present, the seminars after the Easter vacation are still scheduled, but we will make a firm decision in early April.

Semester 2, 2019-20.

12 Feb Katherine Cross (Hist), 'Infant feeding in the Early Middle Ages: what do we know, what did it mean, and why does it matter?'

26 Feb Paul Johnson (Arch), 'Conceptual geographies: exploring the articulation of urban spaces in the Provincial landscape of Roman Lusitania ' (co-sponsored with the Hunter Society). Chair:JR

5 March Jenny Barry (UMW), 'The Heroic Bishop in Flight ' & book launch. Chair: JH

25 March PGR research session -- CANCELLED

  • Diego Palombi, 'A fluid border. Genre and gender in the Old French Sept Sages'
  • Katie Libby (Arch), 'Dynamics of Identity: Metalworking in Early Medieval Lindsey'

29 April Tom Phillips (Manchester), 'Apollonius Rhodius and Hellenistic Poetry' (co-sponsored with the Classical Association). Chair: JR

13 May Liz Goodwin (YSJ), 'Visual Culture and the Crafting of Communities: English Nuns in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period'. Chair: DS

Semester 1, 2019-20.

25 September Victoria Leonard (RHUL), 'Understanding Gender-Based Violence: The Present Through The Past', Jessop Building 117. Chair: JH

9 October Matt McHaffie (St Andrews), ‘La justice féodale and the "Myth of the Eternal Return" (France, 1000–1200)’. Chair: DS

23 October Mike Bishop, 'The defence of heritage and the heritage of defence: endangered Roman military archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa '. Chair:JR

6 November E. J. Graham (OU): 'Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes: anatomical votives in Roman Italy' - Diamond Workroom 1 (co-sponsored with the Classical Association). Chair: JR

20 November PGR research session, Jessop Building 117.

  • Alex Traves (Hist), 'Family and Inheritance in Anglo-Saxon England: The Wills of Ealdorman Ælfgar and His Daughters'
  • Chris Giamakis (Arch), 'Status reflected through weapons: the case of Archaic Greece'

27 November Daisy Black (WLV), 'Death Eating: Food, Consumption and Sin in Medieval Drama'; Chair: CS

11 December Maik Patzelt (Hist), 'Inheritance Hunting in Late Antiquity – Another View into the Social Reality of the Roman Elite', Jessop Building 117; Chair: JH

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