Fcimcs: Farmer-centred Interoperable Mobile-Cloud System

FcIMCS: Farmer-centred Interoperable Mobile-Cloud System: Integrating Data from Farming Activities and Environmental Information for Sustainable Fertiliser Management

Project overview

The project aims to provide a holistic approach to dealing with sustainable fertiliser management by developing a farmer-centred interoperable mobile-cloud system that offers access, collection, aggregation and analysis of multi-source (lifelogging daily farming activities and environmental information) to support timely delivery guideline and recommendation in fertilisation practices. The project will explore the integration and fusion of new data sources from existing products and services including mobile personal activity monitor at Sheffield University, data visual analytic kits from Ant Data Ltd, professional farmer training scheme from Velcourt Ltd.

In order to reach the aim of project, the objectives are below:

1). User requirements identification and technology review: state of the art review of farm-centred fertiliser management, and mobile sensing techniques for monitoring daily farmer fertiliser activities data and its associated environment information.

2). System prototype design: A prototype design of interoperability mobile-cloud system support the access, collection, aggregation and analysis of multi-source fertiliser related data from mobile sensing devices.

3.) Data fusion and visualisation algorithm investigation: Design advance data fusion and visualisation algorithms for efficiently aggregating farming activities data and environmental information data for producing wise fertiliser recommendation.

4). System development and implementation: To develop and implement the overall system with defined components, including mobile application for farmer fertiliser activities monitoring, data fusion and visualisation algorithms, etc.

5.) System evaluation: A thorough evaluation of utilising and deploying the system in one tested farm for improving sustainable fertiliser management.

6) Project exploration: to design and develop multi-dimensional specialised professional training schemes for farmers and stakeholders in China.

This research project receives funding from the InnovateUK: UK-China, Grant agreement no: 600929.