Case Studies

How do you become a Brilliant Club tutor?

This is a meaningful, paid opportunity to teach your own research! Ideally, you would first sign up to attend an information session where you will find out more about the programme and how it works, followed by an assessment centre for those wishing to continue to apply to become tutors. The assessment centre is competitive. Candidates are interviewed with a Brilliant Club member of staff, deliver an 8 minute mini-lesson pitched at 14-year old pupils, take part in a group activity and write a written reflections.

If you are accepted onto the programme, you will then attend a training weekend. Alongside core sessions on pedagogy, assessment, course design and professional induction, tutors are also able to attend a range of electives to explore topics such as bringing your doctoral research into a pre-designed programme, creating scientists, engaging pupils through effective feedback and the power of praise.

From the horse's mouth... PhD tutor reflections

Click on the profiles below to learn more about the tutors and read about their personal experiences. You can also access some of the resource booklets they created as part of the programme.