Probability & Statistics Seminar Series

Travel advice

By tram

The easiest way to the University is by tram. The tram stops are behind the station and are well signposted within the station itself. You can buy a ticket on the tram from the conductor (please note that you will need cash). When you reach the tramlines, stay on the station side. Trams are every ten minutes (approx). They are colour coded by a square at the top right hand side; you should get a blue coded tram (in the direction of Malin Bridge).

The University stop is the sixth after the station. When you disembark at the University stop, do not cross the tram lines; go to your right, towards a pedestrian crossing. You need to cross the road, uphill, towards a turquoise building known as the Information Commons. Leavygreave Road runs uphill alongside the Information Commons and the Hicks Building main entrance faces you at the end of this street.

Maps and other visitor information can be found here. A map of the campus can be found here - the School of Maths is number 121 on this map

In case of any problem, please contact reception on 0114 2223752.

By foot

You can also walk from the station to the Hicks building. This takes about 25 minutes and is a reasonably pleasant route that takes you through the centre of town.


Speakers can claim travel expenses by filling in the expense claims form and sending it back to me with the receipts. My address is

Alison Poulston, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences,Alfred Denny Building, University of Sheffield, Sheffield S10 2TN

Standard fare rail travel only please, and if you are able to book your tickets in advance, that helps us to keep our costs down and invite more speakers!

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Christopher Fallaize

Sch. of Math. Sc., Nottingham

16th May, 2019


Rebecca Killick

Maths & Stats., Lancaster

9th May, 2019


Arne Grauer, Lukas L├╝chtrath


2nd Apr, 2019


Theo Kypraios

Sch. of Math. Sc., Nottingham

21st Mar, 2019

Poster 19-03-07.pdf

David Robinson

Data Science, Capital One

7th Mar, 2019


Christian Fonseca-Mora

Centre for Mathematics, Costa Rica

7th Mar, 2019


Dep. of Comp. Sc., Sheffield

28th Feb, 2019


Dep. of Statistics, Warwick

21st Feb, 2019

Poster 19-02-14.pdf

Will Hulme

Sch. of Health Sciences, Manchester

14th Feb, 2019


Jeremy Colman

SoMaS, Sheffield

7th Feb, 2019