Literacy K-5

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy

Richfield Campus

Math and Literacy Interventions

If students are struggling academically, they are promptly identified for remedial support services by a variety of data and assessments. Data is analyzed from the MCAs, Interim Assessments, QRIs, Reading benchmark assessments, and Singapore or other math pre-tests. Students are assessed quarterly on the interim assessments, and placed in groups for specialized assistance for targeted instruction that are reviewed regularly. As these are fluid and flexible groupings, remedial support shifts throughout the year. Strategies for student assistance include, but are not limited to, grouping students through regular assessments, providing layered support in reading and math with added instruction time to support those students in remediation, communicating goals and progress to parents, and assignments for skills practice.

Interventions (Elementary School)

For Math and Literacy, at the elementary level, we have a Tier, 1, 2, and 3 system. Tier 1 students receive their math and literacy instruction from their classroom teacher; through evidence based assessments it is determined that they do not need interventions, at this time. However, we monitor this frequently and adjust student tiers to best serve the individual student. Students requiring additional interventions in math or literacy will be assigned to Tiers 2 or 3. Tier 2 students are assisted in a small group instruction environment by Literacy or Math Specialist. Tier 3 is for the more challenged student, and the instruction with a Literacy or Math Specialist is a 1:1 basis (group size may be vary due to student schedules and staffing).Students in Tiers 2 and 3 will receive interventions that seek to advance skills and knowledge in specific areas of deficiencies. These areas are identified using research based assessments (listed above), teacher input, and state standardized tests (MCAs). The specialists then crafts lessons to improve student proficiency in literacy or math skills and state standards.

(From the Seven Hills Preparatory Academy website on Special Programming)