Kevin Egli

Portfolio and Online C.V.

My name is Kevin Egli and I am a grade 4 and foods CTF teacher currently at Svend Hansen School. I am a hard working and innovative teacher, looking to make my mark on the world by enhancing the learning of all my students. Here you will find more engaging examples of me in a school environment with my students.


Over the years I have used video production as a way to express creativity in my class. We collaborated this year to create videos for our Grade 3 students to get involved.

Teaching Style

Below is a collage of different lessons I have done with my students. Here you will see that I use a variety of different methods to keep students engaged. I am constantly thinking of ways to give students an experience that is meaningful, has a purpose and leads to independence.

Adaptable Teaching
Hands On
Learning Through Experiences
Flexible Work Environment

Thank you!

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