English Language Arts

Working Now

Word Work

Grade 3 Spelling

Word Sort (Ask kids to confirm Unit #)

Word Builder (Ask kids to confirm Unit #)

Nouns (1 2 3)

Verbs (1 2)

Adjectives (1 2)

Adverbs (1)

Compound Words (1 2 3)

Homophones and homographs - (1)

Prefix & Suffix

Turtle Dash (Double Vowel Spelling)

Octopus Feed (Homonyms)


Conjunctions (Grammaropolis (1)

Synonyms and antonyms (Abcya) (1 2 3)

Contractions (Video - Put each in sentences)

Similes (Fill Up Bucket)

Metaphors (Fill Up Metaphors)

Cannonball Cats - Similes/Metaphor

Simile & Metaphor

Using a dictionary

Giraffe Carts (Subject-Verb Agreement)

Verb Viper (Verb Tenses & Forms)

Punctuation (Game)

Simile & Metaphor Song (Video)


Mind Maps (Brainpop Jr.)

Story Writing:

My Story maker

Personal Narrative Brainstorming

Personal Narrative Introduction

Personal Narrative Closing

Personal Narrative Revising

Personal Narrative Editing

Research Writing:

Information Writing Introductions

Information Writing Closing/Conclusions

How to research

CBC Explore Kids



Predictions (Video - Pause & Read Group Activity)

Author’s Purpose (Partner or Individual)

Elephant Feed (Synonyms)

Furious Frogs (Antonyms)

Sequencing (Partner or Individual)

Main Idea (Partner or Individual)


A Bundle of Hay (Comprehension - TEST)

A Monkey and a Crocodile (Comprehension)

The Cunning Jackal (Comprehension)

Into The Book

Context Clues (Partner or Individual)

Draw Conclusions

Comprehension Crane

Johnny The Dreamer (Comprehension)

A Narrow Escape (Comprehension)

That Is Your Sack (Comprehension)

Main Idea (Advanced)

Word Frog (Synonyms, Antonyms and homonyms)

Word Invasion (Parts of Speech)

The Crow (Comprehension)

The Ostrich and the Hedgehog (Comprehension)

The Soapy Rabbit & The Deer (Comprehension)

Looking Forward


Find time to do the following:

  • Read a news article

  • Review any available videos

  • Understand the vocabulary

  • Complete any comprehension questions if possible.


Elevated Bus (Tech.)

Liquiglide (Tech.)

Apple Products (Tech.)

Trash Into Tools (Tech.)

Robotic Mermaid (Tech.)

Monster Magic (Children Tech.)


National Ice Cream Day (United States)

Auston Matthews (Sports)

Muhammed Ali (Sports)

Trudeau Elected (Politics)


App Maker (Children)

Sand Art (Art)