SuntreE³ Elementary:

Engage, Enrich, Empower!

Suntree Elementary is Awarded the Digital Classroom Plan Grant for 2016-2017!

Suntree Elementary’s vision is “Empowering today’s students to successfully impact tomorrow”. With student empowerment at the basis of all of our goals, it is essential to provide a blended learning pathway for students in grades 4-6 through a 1:1 student to computer ratio. Our devices have been used to demonstrate mastery of learning and transfer of knowledge through a variety of technology integrated learning experiences to Engage, Enrich and Empower students as well as to develop the 21st Century Skills necessary for college and career readiness.

Laptop cart for a 5th grade classroom.

“One of the most powerful potential benefits of blended learning is how it can help teachers create an achievement-oriented culture in their classrooms. In many of the best examples of blended learning, the real magic of the model comes not from the technology alone, but from the ways the technology transforms how teachers engage with and motivate their students.” (Clayton Christensen Institute)

Suntree has made assertive efforts to provide students and teachers with the technology and training necessary to support this endeavor! Our objective to provide a 1:1 ratio of computers in grades 4-6 is a first step towards creating a blended learning environment for all students. We have utilized school based technology funds and PTO funds toward our our quest to truly Engage, Enrich, and Empower all of our students.

Our commitment to this cause has even allowed us to provide classroom carts to our 3rd grade and fold them into our 1:1 effort of blended learning initiative.

Fourth through sixth grade teachers have used horizontal and vertical collaborative planning teams to identify a continuum of learning and practice for technology integration for grades K-6. Teachers have continually utilized backward design to create plans that are authentic, support our SIP focus on standards based instruction, and play an integral role as part of student learning. Suntree is ready for the next step of our journey and looks forward to fulfilling the systemic changes we envision for our school.