BPS Instructional Materials

The goal of Brevard Public Schools Instructional Materials Department is to select and provide state and school board approved instructional materials for all students.

Information about BPS 2018-2019 Math Adoption

The Office of Leading and Learning is pleased to announce four opportunities for parents and community members to provide input on the mathematics materials that will be reviewed for adoption. The newly adopted mathematics program which will be implemented in the 2019-2020 school year must be high quality and standards-aligned.

Brevard Public Schools is inviting parents/community members to provide input for the selection of Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) aligned instructional materials. Click HERE to learn about opportunities for parents and community members to give input into BPS Math Adoption.

Questions can be directed to Diane Gard, Elementary Math Resource Teacher (K-6), Julie Wagner, Secondary Math Resource Teacher (7-12) or Janet Stephenson, School Improvement Resource Teacher and Instructional Materials Contact.

Challenging Instructional Materials:

Math Adoption 18-19 Timeline for Implementation in 19-20 School Year

September 17-18 District participates in Cross-District Review Process of all Science Instructional Materials

Sept. 17 - 26 Parents/Community Members can apply to serve on District Review Team. Apply HERE .

October 22 Parent/Community Information Night, 5p - 7p @ESF Board Room

October 26 Parent/Community Information Day, 8a-12p@ESF Lab 712

Oct. 16-Nov. 9 Parent/Community Input Survey Opportunity

November 13 District Review Team selected and trained

November 14 District Review Team finalize recommendations to school board

December 11 Instructional Materials recommendations presented to School Board for information

January 22 Instructional Materials recommendations presented to School Board for approval

Jan. - Feb. 30 day window for petitions to be filed

March Public hearing of petitions before District Hearing Officer

March School Board Meeting for final approval