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Students accessing Launchpad from home handout

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Elementary: Digital Textbook and Launchpad Resource Guide

Secondary: Digital Textbook and Launchpad Resource Guide

How to access: The online platforms listed below are accessed through your Launchpad. Teachers, students, and class rosters have been automatically uploaded for you. Once schedules are posted in AS400 by the school, teachers and students should have access to these online providers. For new and/or transfer students: changes in AS400 should be reflected in the online platforms within 72 hours. This process will remain in place all year, so new teachers to your school at any time throughout the year should get access within 72 hours of being processed in AS400. Please note that users should NOT create manual accounts for any of the online products listed below. ALL the products listed on this page should be accessed through Launchpad. Click on the icons below for more information and how to access content.

BPS Stemscopes (SSO)

Science Gr K-5

BPS Studies Weekly

Social Studies Gr K-5

Think Central

ELA Gr K-6

BPS McGraw-Hill ConnectEd

Science Gr 6-8

Secondary Math

Secondary Social Studies


Marine Science


Holt McDougal

Secondary Math


Secondary Social Studies

ELA Gr 7-12

World Languages

BPS Pearson New


Secondary Science

Secondary Social Studies

BPS 8th Grade US History HMH

US History Gr 8

BPS TCI (teacher) and BPS TCI (student)

World History Gr 6

Separate apps for teacher and student

BPS Discovery Education

Secondary Science

Secondary Social Studies

BPS Algebra Nation

Secondary Math

Algebra 1 A/B

BPS Carnegie Learning Math

Secondary Math

Big Ideas Math

Math Gr 6

BPS Davis Digital

Art Gr K-12

BPS Quaver (SAML)

Music Gr K-6

BPS Gradecam

*Note: Only available for those schools that have purchased a subscription with GradeCam

Launchpad Help Video - Logging in From Home

(This link may be sent home to parents and students)

Student Accessing Launchpad from Home Handout

Student Accessing Launchpad From Home Handout

(This may be sent home to parents and students)