Welcome to Year 7 at Shaftesbury High School

Transition to Shaftesbury

Students transitioning to Shaftesbury High School receive a transition booklet that helps to explain to new students, parents and teachers all about Shaftesbury. 

Key elements of the transition process:

Transition programme 

To ensure effective transition and induction, Shaftesbury High School has an extensive transition programme. Transition programmes are in place for every tutor group, and take place throughout the year. We want every student to have a successful journey through school, from their first visit to their final day and far beyond. We plan and collaborate with all our feeder schools and 16-25 partners including work providers. Information, advice and guidance is shared through reviews, parent-carer evenings, family forums and online. Destinations are fully monitored. A member of the leadership team is responsible for arranging the transition. 

As part of the Transition process for students coming to us from other schools, we produce a Transition booklet that aims to explain to our new students, their parents and teachers all about Shaftesbury and what life is like here and our expectations of students in terms of behaviour, equipment and uniform.

Learn more about year7 transition from our transition booklet. Link down below.

Transition between key stages at Shaftesbury

For information about student transitions during their time at Shaftesbury please look at our In School Transition document by clicking here.

Late entries into school

Our school

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