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The school is located on the main road into Tawa and has a wide catchment area that extends from Johnsonville to Whitby.  Facilities include large, sunny classrooms, a well-stocked, computerised library, and a school hall for indoor activities. Outside the children enjoy wide expansive grounds with trees to hide in and shelter under on hot sunny days. 


St Francis Xavier School is a Catholic school attended by children from Year 1 to Year 6. The school crest is that of the Brigidine Sisters who have been connected with the school since its inception in 1960. The school is a safe and happy place where every child is a valued member of a caring and supportive community. St Francis Xavier is a family centred school where parents are encouraged to become involved. People communicate well with each other and the school enjoys strong support from parents and the wider Parish community.

St Francis Xavier School 

Our school values are Strength and Gentleness.  Tu māia, tu aroha. This is the motto of the Brigandine Sisters.  

Here today, at St Francis Xavier we talk about  Strength of mind, gentleness of heart.  


The school crest is that of the Brigidine Sisters, who have been connected with St Francis Xavier School since their arrival in Wellington in 1893. 

The diamonds on the crest were adapted from the episcopal crest of their Founder, Bishop Daniel Delaney. 

The cross is St Brigid’s Cross and the lamp in the centre diamond is symbolic of St Brigid’s fire – a sign of the charity which St Brigid wished to burn constantly in the hearts of all people.