Tips and Tricks

Use a wide angle lens to capture the whole class

Use the Google Drive app on your phone to film for up to 10 minutes directly into your drive (doesn't use your phone's memory)

Use Airdrop (for Macs) to transfer a video from phone to computer

Let the teacher view the video alone first and choose the clip they would like to view together

Take informal video by propping a phone on a book or in a chalk tray

Start recording 5 minutes before the lesson so students can get used to the camera

When you take video and pan around the room, pan SLOWLY

Ask the teacher what experience they already have with video

Use an iPad tripod mount

We seek to address this question:

How can educators use video analysis to identify and address inequities in the classroom, and their own biases, so that young people experience a student-centered education that leads to success regardless of their race, gender, language, and ability?