Using Video

for Analysis & Reflection on Teaching Practice

"Video allowed us to be grounded in evidence and less subjective."


Common Questions to Consider for an Equity Focus:

-What are patterns of participation based on race, gender, language, and/or ability?-Who holds the materials? Who occupies the airspace? Who is volunteering?-What are the culturally responsive opportunities for students to participate meaningfully? -How are choices made in strategic seating and partnerships?-How does teacher language demonstrate high expectations and a belief in student ability?

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What parallels do you see between the use of video with coaches and athletes and your work as a mentor in education?

Check It Out

How and why does Ms. Wessling use video to analyze and reflect on her practice? What can you take away from her experience for your own practice?

We seek to address this question:

How can educators use video analysis to identify and address inequities in the classroom, and their own biases, so that young people experience a student-centered education that leads to success regardless of their race, gender, language, and ability?