Steven Zhu - President

Hello, my name is Steven and I am the president for this year. This is my fourth year on the team and I look forward to working with all the other leaders to create the best experience for all members. In my free time I enjoy reading manga and playing video games! 😀

Ben Sirivallop - Vice President

I’m Ben! I’m the VP of the robotics team. I’m also a coder for the team. I learned Java in a week, and I learned Calc AB in a month. I like grinding Valorant; I’m Ascendant! WOOOOOOO! Anyways, we are gonna build an amazing robot this year. We’re gonna learn a lot, and we’re going to have a lot of fun. Let’s Build!

Ryan Zhang - CAD leader

Hello, I’m Ryan Zhang. This is my 3rd year here at the Robotic Eagles. I mostly worked on the mechanical side of robotics but this year I am the CAD leader. I look forward to creating a robot fit for competition. In my spare time I enjoy watching YouTube videos about history and videogames. 

Alan Li - Software Leader

Hey, I’m Alan. This is my third year on the Robotics team and this year I am the software leader. My goal as the software leader is to write the code so that our robot’s mechanisms function properly. In my free time, I enjoy creating maps on osu! and playing Valorant. 

Noelle Wang - Hardware Leader

Hi my name is Noelle, and I prefer she/they pronouns. This is my fourth year here at Robotic Eagles. Along with Zicong, I serve as a hardware leader on the team. I’m excited to reinvigorate and guide the team to success this year. In my free time, I enjoy programming, and engineer projects ranging from Discord bots to production-ready server-side applications. 

Zicong Yu - Hardware Leader

Hello, my name is Zicong, pronouns he/him and I am one of the hardware leaders for this year. This year I plan on working with the CAD team to create the best robot for our team. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing Brawl Stars!

Zoie Quach & Zoey Yung - Assistant Hardware Leaders

Hiiiii! I’m Zoie!! Along with Zoey, I am currently an assistant hardware leader :)) I love playing sports during my free time, swimming and badminton mostly! This year, I plan on making more fun memories and working with my team to create an amazing robot for competition!! Anyways, READY?? SET?? ZOOOM!!

Tyler Kreaden - Business Leader

Greetings, my name is Tyler and my pronouns are he/him. This is my first year at the Robotic Eagles, and I have really been enjoying it so far. I work primarily on business, but also help do any other random task that needs to be done. In my free time, I enjoy reading and making small video games. 

Victor Robinson - Quartermaster 

Hi, I’m Victor Robinson, currently the quartermaster of the robotics team for 2022-23. I’ve been a member of the robotics team for 4 years, with most of my experience being in hardware. Currently, I’m a proud member of the CAD team, working on many projects ever since the beginning of the year. I’d play anything RTS or cube in my spare time.

Brian Jin - Public Relation Leader

Hi, I'm Brian. This is my second year on the team as the PR/marketing head. This year I'll be sure to capture our team winning the competition and create an amazing video about it, so everyone can follow along on our journey! I like listening to music, playing games with my friends, and spending a lot of money on food.