Alex Levin

I'm a SysAdmin with physics degree - jack of all trades, working with Unix, networks, hardware, code, cloud - it is all interconnected. Hacking and making something all the time, so enjoy the opportunity to be with the team of young builders. 

Some goals I hope for the team is to just invent uninventable, look at things from an unexpected angle, apply physics to the modeling, develop and use hacker skills .

In my spare time I love to hike, swim with USF Masters and do a bit of photography.

Anton Levin

Hello! My name is Anton, I’m an undergrad at Cal Poly Pomona studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics. I’ve previously been on the team for 4 years, and now i’m trying to do my best to help the team be able to create and identify weak points in design, as well as developing there engineering skills. 

I’m a mentor because I’m excited about this team and enjoy seeing new ideas and being the force that make them a reality. In my free time I play guitar and swim!

Caitlin Spaan

I've spent the last 25 or so years building and leading PR and marketing teams at a variety of technology companies, including Palm, Vudu and YouTube. My hope is to spend the next 25 working with kids on fun stuff like robot making! 

My goal for the team is to build an understanding of the power of strategic marketing in enabling the team to reach their business and competition goals, and to experience the joy of creating successful and compelling creative. 

In my free time I like to read, hike, play pickleball, coach flag football and cheer on the Michigan Wolverines (GO BLUE!) 

Eric Schoenman

My experience spans a wide variety of disciplines. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a Mechanical Engineering degree, I spent 5 years as an automotive body structure engineer.  After looking to return to California I switched industries and became a part of the emerging utility tech industry. 

First with working at several utility and wireless related start-ups ranging from 5 to 1000 staff, and ultimately becoming a part of PG&E in the SmartMeter project and then the Grid Modernization team.  

Currently I’m a Principal Operations Systems Engineer working in a team developing and implementing advanced system sensors that interact with AI platforms to predict system conditions and proactively reduce system risks.  My passion is to be innovative and solve problems. In my free time I like to spend time with my wife and 6 year old daughter exploring the remote outdoors.  I also like building random things in my garage with my daughter, who is destined to be a future robotics builder.

Jeena James

I've built and led Business, Product and Go-To-Market teams for the last 18 years across 3 organizations at Google and 2 tech startups. I'm currently building up a company fueled by my passion for handcrafting, and helping small businesses achieve profitability. 

While I love shaping ideas into successful products, I find immense satisfaction in the tangible process of creation. That's why I decided to mentor the team at GWHS. Merging my business acumen with my love for hands-on crafting, I'm looking forward to applying the practicalities of bringing those designs to life. Whether it's strategizing their next move or wielding a saw to craft arena elements, I'm here to empower the team with the skills and confidence to turn their vision into reality. It's an experience that fuels my own creativity while witnessing the next generation of innovators blossom! 

In my spare time, you'll most likely find me crafting, selling nose rings, exploring new towns, practicing yoga, or playing a musical instrument, the latest being a Kalimba. 

Jess Rosenthal

I’m a Thermal Controls Engineer at an electric vehicle company called Rivian. I write application software for our vehicle’s thermal systems. Before Rivian, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland with a minor in Computer Engineering. There I led a team of 50+ engineering students to design, build, and race a formula style race car. I love working in teams of smart people solving complex electromechanical problems!

Leanna Inoyue

I'm a former Robotic Eagle and current first year student at UC Santa Cruz as an electrical engineering major. I was co-president of the team last year, but mostly focused on software. My best memories from high school came from being a part of robotics. I loved working with everyone and competing on the drive team at competitions. I had a really positive experience as a Robotic Eagle, and a major part of that was thanks to the wonderful mentors who supported and inspired me. I am grateful to be back helping the team as one of them! 

Luke Soliman

Although it’s just my first year mentoring, I have had 7 years of robotics experience. I have had 4 years in FRC and 3 years in Vex Robotics, and have an extensive background in the design process. 

As far as my goals with the team: I hope to help the team strength their design and CAD knowledge as well as teach them the practical skills of robotics in real world application. 

I am a mentor because I know what it’s like to not have a mentor. The team I was on in high school meant so much to me, but had no mentors. And I think having a mentors are so important to teams success and growth.

In my free time I enjoy working on personal projects, reading, and running. But mainly focused on my studies in design at the University of San Francisco.

Marc Panopio

I was previously a mechanical design engineer and am now a computer science and math teacher at George Washington High School. My goals and focal points for Team 5507 are focus, communication, focus, teamwork, focus, quick turnaround and focus. 

I am a mentor because there are some aspects of my old job that I miss after becoming a teacher. I also want to share whatever knowledge I have with students who are interested in pursuing a degree or career in mechanical engineering.

Noelle Wang

Hi everyone! I am an freshman undergraduate at University of California, Merced studying Computer Science. My background is specifically with software engineering and project management, as I lead and mentor multiple development teams for multiple organizations. In addition, I have been an member on the team for 5 years, starting in 2019. 

My insight and tireless dedication within the FRC community has lead me to advise both software and hardware teams. These experiences stem from 4 years working with the hardware team, most notably being elected as hardware leader during 2022-2023. 

With the mentorship, I aim to aid the team in assistance and to propel our abilities to the next level. In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering with electronics and guiding new students on the possibilities of Computer Science.

Peggy Toye

My career ranged from non-profits in health & child care; Levi Strauss & Co. executive staff, PR & government affairs; and Visa Inc. Corporate Relations & CIO’s administrator. As business mentor, my goal is to have students understand and appreciate collaborating in teams–sharing via knowledge management, instilling methodical work habits, being an open communicator, and serving as a positive, reliable team contributor.

Since retiring in 2014, I’ve devoted my time to education/youth (California Girls State leadership conference, Girl Scouts Peninsula Day Camp food manager, Washington High’s Alumni Board Member, member of Philanthropic Educational Organization, classroom aide & Mathcounts volunteer) and the elderly (American Legion Auxiliary District President of San Mateo County). In my free time, I enjoy being a wife/mother, BTS Army & k-drama fan, former competitive ballroom dancer, reading and following geopolitics. My degree is in Public Administration.

Raghu Balasubramanian

As an ASIC design engineer, I help design chips that accelerate compute for future self-driving cars. I will lean on some of that experience and help the team with hardware and electrical design. As a first year mentor I'm eager to learn from the team's unique perspectives and gain experience in effective mentorship practices.

I'm a lifelong learner, constantly seeking new challenges. In recent years, I've taken to the skies, piloting small planes and sharing my aviation knowledge through Tamil-language YouTube videos (@vaanathil). I feel extremely passionate about igniting curiosity and fostering the future generations of innovators. I also believe teaching is the best way to learn, and I'm excited to guide Robotic Eagles on our incredible journey.

Ryker Leong 

I’m an alumni and former hardware leader of the Robotic Eagles! Now, I’m a first year student at UC Berkeley studying Mechanical Engineering. I was on the team for all 4 years of high school and last year I was also the drive team’s coach. This year I’m back as a design and hardware mentor as well as drive coach. I hope to help the team do well and become strong problem solvers! Next year I want to also learn how the software side works so I can help with that!

Right now in college I’m a part of Combat Robotics @ Berkeley where I build battlebots that compete in different weight classes as well as battle it out on the actual Battlebots TV show! In my free time, other than doing robotics and STEM stuff, I like to fold origami, play tennis, or play the clarinet or piano.

Tracy Thompson

I taught math at Washginton for 30 years and was always a fan of our wonderful Robotics program. I enjoy helping out in whatever way I can, whether it's any mathematics needed, general problem solving, or just being an extra set of hands when needed! In my free time I enjoy traveling, sewing, reading, cooking, cheering for the Giants and Warriors, and hanging out with my family and friends.