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Greetings from Team 5507, also known as the Robotic Eagles. During the Spring, we have 2 upcoming competition: SF and Silicon Valley Regional. We would love it if you could help support us. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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Robotics Presentation from the PTSA Meeting


A highlight from the 2022 season

2022 Silicon Valley Regional

We ranked 12/59 during this competition, our best performance yet! This regional, we were also picked by the 5th alliance, making it to the semifinals again!

2022 San Francisco Regional

We ranked 16/41 and were picked by the 5th alliance. Our alliance ended up making it to the semifinals!

2021 Chezy Champs

We ranked 19/39 and made our way to the quarterfinals! Our first competition back from the pandemic. It was a very fun and competitive experience!

2019 Chezy Champs

We ranked 9/40 and made our way to the finals! What a way to experience Chezy Champs for the first time.

2019 San Francisco Regional

We ranked 5/43, the highest we ranked so far!

2019 Sacramento Regional

We ranked 9/59 at this regional. Reflecting on how far our team has came to be top 10 in every competition we took part in this year is breathtaking.

3D Printed Parts

2019 Drive Team

Team Spirit

"Richard" in action (2019)