SFUSD's Creative Computing

3-5 Curriculum - Green

SFUSD's creative computing curriculum introduces computer science as a creative, collaborative, and engaging discipline to children in third through fifth grade.

Across 4 units and 15-20 lessons, students will learn about algorithms and programming through programming in Scratch, while developing strong practices and dispositions. Lessons are designed to be implemented in 45 to 60-minute periods approximately once per week.

Sequence: Lesson 1-5

Events: Lesson 6-10

Repeat Loops: Lesson 11-15

Synchronization: Lesson 16-20

Additional Green Level Projects

Student Workbook: English

Green Level Workbook [ENGLISH] (Summer 2019 revision)

Student Workbook: Spanish

Green Level Workbook [SPANISH] (Summer 2019 revision)