SFNM Site Placement

How it works

SFNM operates a telephone Care Line providing spiritual care to people between the hours of 8 PM – 2 AM (Pacific). The Care Line is staffed by trained volunteers who work from home. 

There are two forms of CPE clinical site placements at SFNM. Use the menu tabs above to complete the correct agreement.

(1) External | Externs - Students from other external CPE centers or participants in outside programs or school classes who want to participate on the Care Line in order to obtain clinical hours. All externs and their CPE educators or external teachers or supervisors must sign the SFNM Clinical Placement Agreement prior to starting their unit.

(2) SFNM Internal | SFNM Online CPE - Students enrolled in an SFNM CPE unit with an approved all-online option must complete 100 external hours at a clinical site local to them. Such students will complete 200 clinical hours on our Care Line and virtual programs, and 100 clinical hours at a local site of their choosing and approved by SFNM, along with payment of a clinical site fee to SFNM. The external local site and the student will need to sign the External Site Agreement located in the above Menu "SFNM Online CPE" prior to starting their unit. There must be an onsite supervisor of the student's clinical work called the Preceptor who also signs the agreement. The resume/CV of the Preceptor must be received by SFNM prior to the start of the CPE unit. The Preceptor must also complete this Preceptor Onboarding Form