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Olga Jankowski


Using the power of technology to cultivate the next generation of informed, engaged and caring citizens

I am a Digital Age Learner

Empowered learner

I use technology to set goals, work toward achieving them and demonstrate my learning

Digital Citizen

I understands rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world

Knowledge Constructor

I critically select, evaluate and synthesize digital resources into a collection that reflects my learning and builds my knowledge

Innovative Designer

I solve problems by creating new and imaginative solutions using a variety of digital tools

Computational Thinker

I identify authentic problems, work with data and use a step-by-step process to automate solutions

Creative Communicator

I communicate effectively and express myself creatively using different tools, styles, formats, and digital media

Global Collaborator

I strive to broaden my perspective, understand others and work effectively in teams using digital tools.