Who We Are

St Lambert Parish Community

...Strives to be a welcoming community, sharing the love of Jesus Christ through prayer, celebrating the sacraments, calling forth the unique gifts of each members educational opportunities, and reaching out to meet the needs of our parish and community.

Prayer to St Lambert

St Lambert,

Light to those in darkness,

great defender of marriage and family,

we take you as the Patron and Helper

of our Parish Family.

Defend us today as you did of old.

Enkindle the Spirit to illumine our lives.

May we see the Light of Christ

shining in and around us.

Give us a heart filled with hope

and a face radiant with joy,

fully alive, because we are loved.

Set aflame, may we give warmth

and welcome to all we encounter.

Enlightening the whole world,

may others know

we are a people changed by Christ.