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Lets clear up some confusion around global warming & power.

Wait.. Why?

Why is saving energy and producing renewable energy so important?

The evidence for man made global warming is clear. The more CO2 we pump into the atmosphere from things like burning petrol and coal, the more warmth the atmosphere absorbs from the suns rays.

This means that as the atmosphere thickens from CO2 we are contributing to unnatural warming.

What are humans contributing to global warming?

Do human activities make much difference as compared to natural effects?

If we look at all the natural factors associated with warming the planet, they simply don't correlate to our rate of warming. If we look at the increase in greenhouse gasses over the last 100 years it almost perfectly correlates to the recorded global temperatures each year.

Why should i care?

If the temperatures continue to rise beyond the current 2 degree rise (which is locked in) the ice caps will continue to melt, sea levels will rise. This will result in: violent weather systems, ocean currents and tide changes devastating wildlife , Mass immigration from expanding deserts and from flooding cities, geo conflict and depending on how warm the planet gets - extinction! Watch the video to see what 6 degrees could look like.

What's the solution?

This initiative is about equipping current students and schools with the information and confidence to use less energy and take action accessing cheap, clean renewable energy.

The Climate Crisis is Really and Energy Crisis

When we look at the global breakdown of emissions we see that it's electricity that's the biggest challenge. Tesla and other companies are working hard on moving transportation away from petrol but the power grid needs disruption from coal and natural gas to renewable energy.


kW/h - Kilowatt-hour

Every electronic device has a kilowatt or Watt rating. For instance a traditional light bulb may be a 60W bulb. Or a computer power supply is rated at 250watts. Kilowatt's are simply 1000 Watts (like grams and kilograms). kW/h is a form of measuring usage of power over time and that's what your electricity meter records.

A 60 watt globe would use .06 kilowatts if it was run for 1 hour (60 minutes). Therefor 60w lightbulb consumes 0.06 kW/h

kVA - Kilo-volt-ampere

A human's guide to reading a power bill

Power Bills are by-design confusing and difficult to understand. Here's a quick explanation of item.

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