Welcome to Carbon Free Classrooms

The planet is warming at an alarming rate. Schools teach climate change, but very few are taking action and setting an example for their communities.

Carbon Free Classrooms is a self-managed initiative to for students to take action on climate change. What sets CFC apart is student leadership. Students have the opportunity to ideate, research, test and implement real solutions in their school to combat climate change.

Our mission is to:

  1. Reduce school power usage and save money
  2. Completely transition from dirty power (coal, oil etc) to clean alternatives
  3. Build a culture clean energy amongst this generation of students

If you're interested in joining the group register for an invite to our next meeting.

Our progress at McKinnon

When it comes to tracking our progress over time we need to measure what we're doing in a relatable and comparable way. Rather than just tracking our total power usage we've put our power bills into perspective by dividing our power usage (kWh) by the total enrolments attending the school -The result is a dollar cost per student per month.

* Monthly State Benchmark = 20.8 kW/h per student