E. Fred Schubert & Associates

Expert Witness and Technical Consulting Services

I provide Expert Witness Consulting Services in the field of semiconductor technology including associated device, material, and processing technology. Areas of expertise include:

  • Semiconductor electronic devices such as transistors, diodes, and power devices.
  • Silicon integrated circuit technology including associated device technology and fabrication processes.
  • Semiconductor opto-electronics including LEDs, lighting devices, lasers, OLEDs, displays, phosphors, and solar cells.
  • Semiconductor materials technology including doping, deposition (epitaxy, CVD, PVD, and ALD), etching , and processing.

My expert witness consulting services are characterized by accuracy, creativity, lucid explanations of technical matters, and a profound understanding of the underlying technology. My consulting activities have included:

  • Testifying expert witness in patent infringement cases before US District Courts.
  • Testifying expert witness in patent infringement cases before the US International Trade Commission (ITC).
  • Testifying expert witness in a patent licensing case before the ICDR (International Center for Dispute Resolution).
  • Testifying expert witness in Inter Partes Reviews (IPR) before the US Patent Trials and Appeals Board (as well as pre-IPR review proceedings, i.e. before 2012).
  • Technical consulting.

Contact information:

E. Fred Schubert, Troy NY 12180, USA

Email: e.fred.schubert@semiconductor-consulting.com

Telephone (Office): +1-518-276-8775

Telephone (Mobile): +1-518-253-3762