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Semesta Mathematics Department

Semesta Mathematics Department is in charge of managing and controlling all activities related to learning mathematics in Semesta School. We believe that mathematics is not only talking about numbers, calculations and formulas, but mathematics is talking about how to unravel the mystery of the creation of the universe as  The Fingerprint of GOD and also learn about matematical logical thinking to solve various problems in real life effectively and wisely.

As 21st learner, we design learning mathematics with various methods and using technology that stimulate students to be active, creative, and keep respecting others. We give students exercise from a variety of sources so they more understand the mathematics concept and also learn about hard work and don't give up easily. In addition to learning concepts, we also try to apply and practice some theories by using several applications, so it can provide an interactive and applicable learning experience that increases the enthusiasm of students in learning mathematics.


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Semesta's Mathematics Department

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  Semesta Mathematics Department