Physics Department

Department overview

Physics is both fun and challenging.  It involves in all aspect in our everyday life starting from the light energy radiated from the morning sun when we wakes up, to the motion of electrons in the more complex circuits inside the laptops that we use. 

Physics courses in SMP-SMA Semesta Bilingual Boarding School is designed to to serve as a solid foundation for the study of Physics in the next level. Students develops a set of transferable skills including handling data, practical problem-solving and applying the scientific method as well as relevant attitudes, such as concern for accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative and inventiveness. Assessment of a student's progress is based upon daily assignments, homework, quizzes, EASE exams, and class participation.


Students engage in their learning process through hands-on activities

 Our Team Members

Nia Metyana Wardani, B.S., M.Si.

Head of Department

Has more than 8 years of teaching experience in junior and senior high school, supervising science project, physics olympiad and astronomy olympiad teams. 

Irvani Dwi Prasanti, S.Si.

Has more than 10 years of experience, teaching Physics to junior and senior high school, supervising science project teams and science olympiad team.

Ms. Irvani is well known for technology integration in teaching and learning processes.

Azizah Mutiarani, S.Pd

Has a bachelor degree in Physics Education and is currently pursuing a master degree in Physics Education.

Ms. Azizah loves to teach about wave and exploring natural materials for subtituting experimental instruments.

Andya Satya 

Has more than 3 years experience in teaching physics. 

Mr. Andy is also a STEAM teacher.


Students can access the following sites as resources for their learning.

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