¡Toma la palabra!

Enlazando la oralidad y la lectoescritura

Sigamos las BASES de un aula bilingüe/dual de calidad

Lo que se dice de ¡Toma la palabra!

This is one of the most useful, on point books I have ever read on teaching in a dual language program.


This book is a wealth of BEST PRACTICE oracy and literacy strategies for the DL / TBE classroom. It was INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED for educators who need QUALITY professional development that utilizes academic Spanish. If you’re tired of wondering how to say some educational term in Spanish and fed up with being asked to translate activities and teaching strategies or resources on your own time, BUY THIS BOOK.

Equity for children includes equal access for their teachers to quality resources in authentic Spanish so they can spend their time on what matters most, the students, not the translations!

¡Mil gracias a la autora, Mónica Lara!

-Nicole Smith

Excellent book for dual language teachers.

-Kimberly U. Leimer