Character Creation

What we're going to do

So, I, Brian, the Dungeon Master, aka GOD - Game's Official Decider will walk you through character creation as needed and help you come up with your character idea. If you have some of it done beforehand, that's great, but we'll be starting with just an idea of who your character is, and what their motivations are.

Creation Steps

To start, you'll need to pick a race and possibly subrace. We're sticking to 'typical' DnD races listed on the 'Races allowed' page.


Then you'll want to roll starting stats. We're rolling 4D6 and keeping the top 3 dice you roll. Once you've got 6 numbers, you can assign the values to your stats as you like. If you get really bad rolls, I, the DM, will work with you.

There are six stats -

Strength - Physical strength, used for how much you can carry and how hard you hit

Intelligence - Memorization and book learning and languages type of intelligence

Wisdom - Observation skills and common sense and willpower

Dexterity - manual dexterity and reaction speed

Constitution - physical hardiness, health and resistance to diseases and such

Charisma - Physical beauty, likability, personality, ability to lie


Then we'll be figuring out your character's alignment - this is how lawful your character is, and how good or evil they are. On the Lawful scale there are three options

  • Lawful - you believe in following laws and and rules in order to improve society for everyone. Think 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few'.
  • Chaotic - you believe in individual freedom and choice above laws and rules. Think 'Ocean's 11'.
  • Neutral - somwhere in between, or you believe in a balance of law and chaos

On the Good/Evil scale are three options

  • Good - you believe in achieving good for yourself, others, etc.
  • Evil - you probably either believe in one or more specific evil causes, or you're generally selfish at the expense of others
  • Neutral - somewhere in between, or you believe in a balance between good and evil