Puddins DnD game

Some basics

  • We're using Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition rules
    • You can buy rules if you want, either on the dndbeyond.com website, or physical books, but you don't *have* to.
  • You will need either physical dice, or a virtual dice roller in order to roll dice.
  • For physical - you'll need at least
    • 1 d20 (twenty sided)
    • 1 d12 (twelve sided)
    • 2 d10 (two ten sided dice)
    • 1 d8 (eight sided)
    • 1 d6 (six sided)
    • 1 d4 (four sided)
  • You can sign up for the official DnD website if you want - http://www.dndbeyond.com/ - I am using it as well
    • If you do sign up, we'll coordinate our accounts, it's pretty easy I think.