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Fun, Interesting and Other Stuff

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Online Conferencing

Zoom -

Online Texts

Ck-12 -

Prentice Hall/Pearson -

For Parents

COVID-19 Toolkit for Caregivers - AFIRM

Toolkit Packet,

10 Tips for Talking about COVID-19 - PBS,

Evidence Based Practices

Seeing as we are all out of our normal routines, students may be having difficulty adjusting. Teachers, parents, and other stake-holders, you can find information, resources and training modules pertaining to Autism, and the use of EBPs that may be beneficial to student development.

Introduction to Autism - AFIRM

Parent Implemented Interventions - AFIRM


Ck-12 - Math

Khan Academy - Grade 5

Khan Academy - Grade 8

Money Worksheets -

Times Tables Activities and Games -


Ck-12 - Science

Dissect Frog Interactive

Khan Academy - Physics

Cool Science Lab - Labs

Ocean Education Resources - Coloring Book

Science Lessons and Games -

Science Max - Elastic Energy

English Lang Arts

Ck-12 - Spelling

English Links -

Khan Academy - Grammar, ELA

Read Works -

Typing -

History/Social Studies

Battleship Iowa WWII -

Ck-12 - Social Studies

Current Events -


Geography -

Government - Crash Course

History Videos and Resources -

Transition and Careers

Career Interest and Exploration -

Bureau of Labor Statistics,

CA Career Zone,

Khan Academy,

Under Cover Boss

Coast Guard Alaska

Fixer Upper

Kitchen Nightmares - (Censored)

Social Thinking

Art, Drawing Lessons -

Car Sketch and Design

How to Draw

Painting -

How to Paint: Waterfall

Bob Ross

Love Joy

Cooking, Food and Nutrition -

All Recipes -

Darebee Recipes-

Gordon RamseyGordon Ramsey

Good Eats,

Games, Lessons, and Quizzes

for Home and School



Virtual Tours -

Bronx Zoo

Cape May County Park & Zoo

Rijk' Museum Amsterdam



Cardio Strength Training -

Darebee - Super Saiyan

Darebee Video

Super Saiyan Combat HIIT

Health -

National Institutes of Health -

Ted Ed: How Pandemics Spread -

Ted Ed: How do viruses jump from animals to people?

Work Submission

Some assignments can be submitted via email, if you have a scanner the worksheets can be scanned and emailed; worksheets and packets can be dropped off at Pine Hill School on Fridays between 9 am and 4 PM. Please click link for more info: Work Submission,

Current Lesson Plans

Below you will find the current lesson plans for each class. Click on the quarter at the bottom, and scroll to the right for the current date and class lesson.

Schedule for Home Learning4132020.docx


To try and maintain consistency of expectations for academics, and behavior, this Behavior Tracking Sheet is being provided and will be used for participation grades and can be used for incentives at home. Please print the Daily Point Sheet; either you or your child can monitor daily behaviors and check them after completion. Please sign and return with the work packet for class participation points for each period.

Daily Point Sheet

BehaviorPointsheet.Home.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf


Please print the Daily Chore Task Sheet; either you or your child can monitor daily chores and his/her performance rating after completion. Please sign and return with the work packet for class credit in Social Thinking.

Daily Chore Task Sheet

Daily Chore Sheet.pdf


Please print the Daily Workout Chart; either you or your child can monitor daily exercises and check them after completion. Please sign and return with the work packet for class credit in PE.

Daily Workout Chart

Daily PE Workout.Rookie.pdf
Daily PE Workout Chart.Rookie.pdf