Mentor Program Information

The information and materials below provide staff with the resources to understand and participate in the SEBRSD Mentoring program for new staff.

Mentoring and Induction Requirement SEBRSD Draft.docx
Mentor Requirements.docx

Use the Mentor / New Staff Log AND / OR the New Staff and Mentor Checklist to record mentoring hours throughout the year. Both the mentor and new staff member should keep a copy of the log for their records. Mentors must submit a copy of both the completed and signed log and n Extra Duty Payroll sheet, preferably by the first Friday in June, to the central office to receive compensation.

Mentor Protege Log 20-21.docx
Extra Duties Payroll Sheet for payment.xls
New Staff-Mentor Checklist

Complete and submit the Mentor Program Evaluation form below to provide guiding feedback that will be used to refine and improve the program.

State Requirements and Recommendations

1. A teacher new to the role or district who holds a Professional license has most likely already received 50 hours of mentoring beyond the induction year and would not be required to complete additional mentoring. However, a teacher who holds an Initial license who is either new to the role or district must fulfill this requirement in order to obtain a Professional license.

Contact the Academic Affairs Department with any comments, questions or concerns: 508-885-8500 x1505