The staff and teachers at Carmel Valley Middle School are sincerely concerned about your child's health, safety and well being. We believe that parents and school staff should work together as partners to help students reach their full potential. We are here to assist you in ensuring their years here will be filled with successes and happy memories.

CVMS Counseling Team

Debra Byars (A-H) Karen Infantino (I-Z) Tracy Ngo (Secretary/Registrar) 858.481.8221 x 3288 858.481.8221 x 3007 858.481.8221 x 3005

If your student needs assistance, our schools have trained professional staff members, including school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, teachers and administrators who are available to support students during the school day. The relationship between students and school support staff requires an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Student privacy is respected and students must trust the school staff member to have meaningful and honest dialogue. Exceptions to confidentiality exist in which school staff must inform others of information obtained from students in order to prevent harm to students themselves or others, and if it is legally required.


Why visit the counseling office?

You may need help with your Aeries account, want to check your grades or visit when you or a friend may be in need of support. Come by and say hello

How can a counselor help you or a friend?

You have a counselor at CVMS, and will also have a counselor when you attend high school. Counselors are here to listen, help and work with you to find a good solution. The sooner you reach out to a counselor when something is bothering you, the quicker you will be able to solve the problem because you have the counseling support and resources to help you.

How do I see my counselor?

  • You can drop-in before school, at nutrition break, lunch and/or after school.
  • If counselor is unavailable, you can fill out "Request to See Counselor" slip or Mrs. Tracy can assist in getting the immediate help you may need.
  • You can ask your teacher to come to the counseling office.


A school counselor can help parents address:

  • Academic achievement concerns
  • Personal/social/behavior concerns
  • Future academic planning

How do I contact my child's counselor?

Counselors can be reached by phone, email or by scheduling an appointment.

What should we do if we have a concern with a teacher?

We believe that every teacher at CVMS has something special to offer students. For this reason, the district policy of not changing teachers when a problem arises is strictly followed. Instead, contact the teacher directly about the issue. The best way to contact the teacher is through email at (first name).(last name) If, after working with the teacher, the issues are still not resolved, please contact your child’s counselor. Helpful strategies will be offered to resolve the issues and to help teach the student valuable interpersonal skills and how to deal with conflict.