Future 8th Grade Registration

Course Selection for Current 7th Graders

March 7th- March 11th

Window to select an elective online. Refer to your 8th Grade Course Selection Form instructions and the 8th Grade Course Selection PowerPoint for directions on how to register for classes online.

Before March 11th

Please scan and email the course selection form to cvcourseselection@sduhsd.net . You can also give it to your science teacher or drop it off at the counseling office as well.

You will be selecting:

  • Elective

* Course Descriptions are available HERE.

* Applications for selected elective courses are available HERE. If you are needing a teacher recommendation for any course, please email one of your teachers and ask them to fill out the google form recommendation found on the enrollment link of counseling page on the website. The teacher will return the recommendation to the elective teacher. If you apply for Access Physical Education Peer Support, check Access Physical Education Peer Support on your Course Selection form and counselors will change your schedule from general PE once your application is approved.

* All students will be automatically enrolled in US History, Physical Science, PE, English and the next Math course.

If you are wishing to change English and/or math levels please email your counselor.

Step 1

The 8th grade Course Selection Form must be completed and is due to your counselor by March 1th.

REMEMBER: Course selections will not be officially recognized without a parent/guardian signature on the Course Selection Form. Please note that a student and parent/guardian pdf signauture on the course selection form indicates that the contract has been read and understood.

Step 2

Log into your Aeries Parent Portal account. Students will select their courses online. The online registration window will be open on March 7th and will close on March 11th. This must be done through a PARENT/Guardian account.