SDSU Florence

Study Abroad 2018

This googlesite documents the experiences of students who participated in the SDSU Florence Study Abroad program taught in Summer 2018 by Dr. Brad Kirkegaard. At the end of six weeks of living and studying in Florence and its environs, studying the Etruscans and the Italian Renaissance, students each created their own page reflecting on their time abroad.

We are excited to share our travels abroad and hope you will enjoy this small taste of life and study with SDSU in Florence!

Students in the program were each enrolled in two classes:

1. Etruscan History and Archaeology [as either HIST 500 (with a history focus) or ANTH 348 (with an archaeological focus)] AND

2. Italian Renaissance [as either HIST506 (again, with a historical focus) or GEN_S 450 (with a focus on Italian civilization and culture)].

For more information about summer study abroad in Florence with SDSU please visit: