AdvanCed Learner Program

Welcome to the School District of Jefferson's Advanced Learner Program website!

Here at SDOJ, we believe that all students have unique gifts and talents, the ability to learn and achieve, and should be provided opportunities for optimal development. We believe that advanced students possess measurable, qualitatively different characteristics in one or more of five areas:

  • general intellectual ability
  • creativity
  • leadership
  • artistic ability
  • academic aptitude

The School District of Jefferson chooses to adopt the language of Advanced Learner instead of the more prevalent language of Gifted And Talented. In doing so we hope to advance a support system that is more inclusive and flexible than traditional gifted education approaches, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to promoting individualized learning experiences for our most advanced students.

What do we offer?

Services- Specific opportunities that are available to given students who have demonstrated mastery of skills or content areas. These students are determined by continuous and ongoing data-driven discussions involving the Advanced Learning Coordinator, Building Leader, Principal and classroom teacher. Please see the corresponding 'services' page for more information.

Programs- Opportunties available to children with interest in that specific area. Participation does not depend on student ability. Many opportunities come from the Southern Lakes Advanced Learning Network (SLALN), a regional network in which Jefferson is an active participant. Please see the corresponding page for more information.

Acceleration- Open to any student who meets criteria, as determined by School Board Policy IKE, which can be found HERE.

For a full description, and detail about District policies, please see our Advanced Learner Program Program Plan and Resource Guide.