LMHS Student Services

Stacey Armitage, School Counselor

Doug Dieckman, School Counselor

Lynn Neisinger, Administrative Assistant

Susan vanDoorn, Administrative Assistant

715-532-5531 ext. 221

715-532-5961 (fax)

School District of Ladysmith

Guidance and Counseling Mission Statement

The School District of Ladysmith Guidance and Counseling Program provides opportunities and/or services that systematically and comprehensively address developmental stages which all students experience as they progress through school. Effective guidance and counseling services will be provided to help each child profit from his/her educational opportunities and to realize maximum potential. The school district guidance and counseling program is based on the assumption that school experiences for all students determine lifelong attitudes toward learning and help or hinder the acquisition of skills, attainment of career goals and involvement of satisfactory attitudes about self, family, society, and vocation.

This program is structured to anticipate and address the personal/social, career/vocational and learning/educational needs of all pupils. This approach stresses information through classroom instruction and individual/group counseling. The guidance and counseling program also recognizes that prevention of problems is not always possible, therefore, intervention services are provided as needed. The expertise of the school staff, parents, community agencies and business and industry personnel will be utilized to provide a school/community based guidance and counseling program.