Monthly Lessons

This year we will be focusing on monthly core essential values that go with our 3 Big Ideas:

Be a Good Friend ----- Do the Right Thing ----- Always Try Your Best

This month we learned about my job as the counselor. I read the book Pete the Cate, I Love My White Shoes with each class and we learned 4 breaths (star, balloon, drain, pretzel). We talked about using these breaths to help us with yucky feelings that we have to help us calm our bodies. CLICK HERE to watch a quick video about how to do these breaths.

This month I am introducing our 3 big ideas for the year: Be a Good Friend, Do the Right Thing, and Always Try Your Best. 

This month the focus is on friendship. I will be reading Peanut Butter and Cupcake and we will talk about ways to make and keep friends. 

Here are the monthly newsletters: English and Spanish.