Mrs. Blair 6th Grade ELA

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1/17 - Amal Unbound, Description Text Structure, Keywords, Summarize "The Loneliest Place on Earth" or "This is the Most Crowded Place on Earth."

1/15 - Amal Unbound, Summarizing, Text Structure, Description.

1/14 Amal Unbound, Summarizing Non-Fiction together, Text Features quiz on Google Classroom, Summarize non-fiction article on your own.

1/10 - Amal Unbound, Continue Non-fiction Text Features...

1/9 - Amal Unbound, Non-ficiton Text Features, Scavenger Hunt

1/8 - Fiction Review/Bingo, Bingo, Amal Unbound

1/7 - SEL and Goal setting. Find a good book to read for MAP testing on Wednesday and Thursday.

12/20 - Independent Read, Memoir Picture Book activity, Memoir - 2nd Quarter Writing in portfolio, Kahoot memoir assessment.

12/19 - Independent Read, Peer edit of Memoir, view book trailers, Turn in both projects.

12/18 - Independent Read, Memoir and Book Trailer due tomorrow.

12/17 - Independent Read, Memoir Conclusion - look at mentor text for how the author chooses to end their story. Reflection, Feeling, Tie up loose ends, Honest opinion...these are to go into your notebook. Add conclusion to your memoir. Work on Animoto Book Trailer.

12/14 - Independent Read - What makes a memoir work? Review all of the good qualities of out Mentor texts. ( First person, Dialogue, Detail, Past tense, Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Author's craft, chronological), Add author's craft to your memoir. Animoto -View finished products in Google classroom.

12/13 - Independent Read - Look for Author's Craft, Figurative language...Read Saturday and Teacakes. Fill out Organizer and notice author's craft.

12/12 - Independent Read - Look for thoughts, actions, feelings on pg 106 -107 of "Babysitting Nightmare" add thoughts, action, feelings to your memoir, work on Animoto.

12/11 - Independent Read, Babysitting Nightmare - Vocabulary Context Clue Strategies, Dialogue - Used to make a connection to characters. Add at least three sentences of dialogue to your memoir, Animoto - work on book trailer.

12/10 - Independent Read, Memoir Mentor Text "Babysitting Nightmare" look for what makes a memoir work...dialogue, feelings and emotions, thoughts...Girl Forward poster, announcement, or letter.

12/7 - Independent Read, Animoto Book Trailer log in and set up photos, Memoir show don't tell go back to the body of your memoir and add what you saw, felt, smelled, or heard.

12/6 - Independent Read, Google Classroom Quiz on "The First Skateboard in the History of the World." Work on body of memoir, watch Animoto video on how to make a folder of pictures.

12/ 5 - Independent Read, Vocabulary finding the meaning of words, Words you need to know for "The First Skateboard in the History of the World." Read story on page 480.

12/4 - Independent Read, Leads and Introduction, Share leads with classmates and pick best one, Look at narrative leads and start first draft of Memoir. Work on book trailer.

12/3 - Independent Read, Organizer Beginning, Middle or End of Memoir, Leads of our independent read books, Revise leads.

11/30 - Independent Read, Selecting a Memoir topic, Talk it out, Review Characteristics of a Memoir, Decide on topic, Book Trailer story boxes, GirlForward

11/29 - Independent Read, Newsela Check-in, One Hot Mess finish organizer, Effective vs Ineffective Memoir writing, Memoir worthy moments.

11/28 - Newsela on Google Classroom Read, Write, Quiz. Memoir introduction - One Hot Mess - Memoir Listening Exercise.

11/27 - Book Fair Preview, Constructed Response evaluation, Tuesday of the Other June corrections, Newsela Central Idea.

11/16 - Independent Read, Refugee Finale, Character posters finish up...Behavior reflection, Flipgrid due today, check Constructed response for "Tuesday of the Other June."

11/15 - Independent Read, Refugee Josef, Isabel, Mahmoud Character Poster and Flipgrid due Friday.

11/14 -Independent Read, Refugee Josef and Isabel, Character Poster due Friday.

11/13 - Independent Read, Refugee Isabel, and Mohmoud - Character Analysis of favorite Character - Groups Organizer Plan

11/12 - Independent Read, Refugee Mohmoud and Josef, Refugee Interview, Flipgrid post due by Friday, Girls Forward Refugee group, what can we do?

11/9 - Independent Read, Refugee Josef and Isabel, Finish Constructed Response, Syrian Refugee Journey

11/8 - Independent Read, Refugee, Isabel and Mahmoud, "Primer" Poem on Classroom read and Constructed Response on Tuesday of the Other June, and Primer.

11/7 - Independent Read, Refugee Mahmoud and Josef, Point of View PPT, Notes, Practice

11/5 - Independent read, Refugee Isabel, Tuesday of the Other June finish organizer, take quiz.

11/1 - Independent read, Refugee Mahmoud and Josef, Tuesday of the Other June read and fill out character organizer,

10/30 - Independent Read, Refuge/Isabel - Powtoon Character Traits Video, Character Traits organizer for Isabel.

10/29 - Independent Read, Refugee, Palindrome Poem by Brian Biltson. Reflection Frame. Post on Flipgrid due Friday.

10/26 - Independent Read, Refugee, Finish Newsela - organizer/quiz/write

10/25 - Independent Read, Refugee, Syria before and after, Newsela - US to Welcome Fewer Refugees.

10/24 - Independent Read, Refugee, Characters Indirect and Direct character traits. Character Traits task cards, Refugee Postcards.

10/22 - Refugee, Edit "All Summer in a Day" and "Aaron's Gift" Papers. Put papers into your portfolio and fill out first quarter evaluation.


10/17-10/19 - Out for Camp Timber-Lee READ!

10/16- Refugee, Kahoot for Refugee, Figurative Language in "All Summer in a Day."

10/15 - Refugee, "All Summer in a Day" Peer edit.

10/12 - Refugee - "All Summer in a Day" Quiz and writing ending.

10/11 - Refugee - Isabel, Review Signposts - "All Summer in a Day" Review Dialogue and Figurative Language. Start ending for "All Summer in a Day."

10/10 - Refugee - Mohmoud, Signpost - "All Summer in a Day"

10/9 - Refugee - Josef and Isabel, Figurative Language - Simile, Metaphor, Imagery, Personification. Constructive Response work time. Intro to "All Summer in a Day."

10/5 - Refugee - Isabel and Mohoud, Aaron's Gift Quiz, Type four paragraphs for Constructed Response on Theme of Aaron's Gift.

10/4 - Refugee Josef, Aaron's Gift review signposts, plot, and start constructed response.

10/3 - Refugee Isabel and Muhmoud, Aaron's Gift Notice and Note 6 Signposts.

10/2 - Refugee - Muhmoud, Josef One Day Out, Aaron's Gift p 242-246

10/1 - Refugee Global Read Aloud - Meet Josef, Isabel talk about Character traits. Notice and Note PPT, Dory, Lily and the Snowman, Hope Was Here.

9/28 - Plot, Theme, Conflict Quiz, Finish Constructed Response for "Gombei and the Wild Ducks" Read Gleam and Glow Quick write - What would be in your suitcase?

9/27 - Finish Notice and Note for Gambei, Fill in Constructive Response template. Quiz on plot, theme and conflict tomorrow. Flipgrid due tomorrow.

9/26 - Plot Chart and Notice and Note chart for Gambei and the Wild Ducks, Refugee Answer Garden, and Flipgrid due Friday.

9/25 - Refugee introduction Note-card practice, Aha! Moments excerpts and Gambei and the Wild Ducks.

9/24 - Aha! Moment Bruce and Snack Attack Notice and Note Power-point/Notes Refugee - Meet author, students on Flipgrid. Introduction note cards - template on Google Classroom.

9/21 - Words of the Wiser - Riding Freedom excerpt. Finish Newsela write and quiz online. Put Strange paragraphs into Google Sites.

9/20 - Words of the Wiser - Signpost - notes and video clip Boundin" Newsela - We all scream for ice cream finish organizer, both sides. Revise Strangest of all Paragraph.

9/19 - Theme and Again and Again review. "Brick by Brick" Turn in the Strangest of All paragraph. Newsela We all scream for ice cream - Organizer.

9/18 - Theme review - Aesop's Fables Signpost Again and Again. Elsa, Dug's Special Mission. Strangest of all paragraph. Format and peer edit.

9/17 - Literary Elements - Theme - Notes in notebook, "The Giving Tree" Picture book theme The Strangest of All paragraph in Google Classroom.

9/14 - Picture of the Week Discussion. Writing complete sentences. Drafting The Strangest of all paragraphs (paragraph 3) Notice and Note - Tough Questions - A Long Walk to Water.

9/13 - Plot review/quiz, "The Night Gardener" The Strangest of all paragraph on Google Classroom. Picture of the Week due tomorrow.

9/12 - Signpost Tough Questions - Notes in notebook, and watch Tamara what questions do you ask? Intro to "The Night Gardener" Auxier - watch book trailer, and read excerpt.

9/11 - Review Conflict/Plot Power Point, Read "The Boar Out There" fill in plot organizer. Short Story plot and conflict review. Plot quiz on Thursday.

9/10 - Academic Vocabulary quiz on Google classroom 1-30 Finish Newsela: Organizer, Power Words, Write. Conflict power-point and Literary Elements notes.

9/7 - Read "Thank You Ma'm" Notice and note Contrast and contradiction, Finish Would you feel sorry for a robot?" Organizer, Power words and write.

9/6 - MAP Testing, NEWSELA Would you feel sorry for a robot? Fill out organizer front side only, Notice and Note Contrast and Contradiction - Thank You Ma'm by Langston Huges.

9/5 - MAP Testing, Portfolio, Notice and Note Signpost - Character Contrast and Contradiction notes watch The Present

9/4 - MAP Testing, Identity Poem revisions, Newsela, Plot chart for Eleven

8/31 - Picture of the Week Reveal, Identity Poem peer edit, turn in and share. Eleven - Plot Elements in notebook.

8/30 - Section 2 Literary Elements - Plot Google Classroom - Identity Poem, Picture of the Week

8/29 - MAP Testing, Set up Writer's Notebook, 50 Things I Love, 2 minute write, Google classroom, Padlet/Identity Poem/Picture of the week

8/28 - Identity Organizer "Let's Talk About Race" Julius Lester Google classroom - Identity Poem sections 1&2 - Poem due Friday

8/27 - Tech-expectations power point, Google classroom login and assignments (Tech quiz, Padlet, Picture of the Week). Media Center visit/book check out. Books due 9/10.

8/24 - Genre Review, Book look, Independent Reading Expectation, Student Survey

8/23 - Docket (tabs filled out), 3 subject notebook reading section filled out, Reading goal set

8/22 - Warrior Pride Expectations Reviewed. Items needed for ELA: Docket, 3 subject notebook, pencil case, assignment notebook Independent Reading Book!

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