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“Nobody plans to fail. They just fail to plan.”—Anon.

June 23rd and 24th

Grade 8 Grade Night!

Please be here by 5:45. You must have a ticket and there are no In-Out Privileges

It is going to be a great time...but remember to not over do it--there is tomorrow.

June 24th, Playland

The most important thing--don't miss the boat!

6:20 meet me at the ferry...foot passenger...you are late...you don't get to go.

Bring money for food, sun block, a hat, sunglasses...phone charger? We will tell you what to do with us, don't worry.

Parents need to pick you up 5:35 Swartz Bay Foot Passenger Terminal...you need to check in with me before leaving...I must see your parents and shake hands with them to make sure you are safely away.

It is going to be fun!

Feb 22nd, 2019--Ski Day!...wait...not for you if you are reading this!

Please Check in for Homeroom with Mr. S, he will headed in the right direction.

You do have work to do: If you have not presented yet for the Norse God Project, get that finished! Monday is the last day! As well the last portion of that assignment--The final presentation of your Norse god's Myth needs to be completed. REMEMBER this can be a re imagining of the original myth, or a creative new take on it. It can be almost any format that you wish to present it, but is not required to be presented in front of the class. Any additional questions ask me before Tuesday, cause that is when it is due.

If you have finished all that...EXCELLENT!...now finish reading Chapter 2 in our SS text. You should start your study guide. Focus on the terms and how England changed after 1066. Know about Feudalism and roles for women and men in this society. Know about the courts and law. Know about the Crusades and the world view. Also think about the power of Monarchy and the Church and how that is balanced against each other and the world. Understand sustainability, especially in the context of the manor.

If you have that all sorted too...well you are probably an A student and could read a book...or start researching Romeo and Juliet (you could start easy and look up related art...or graphic novels...or music...or...

Have fun today...wish you were skiing!


Dec 11th, 2018

Friday term one report cards envelopes need to come back signed.

We also need to have field trip forms back for Friday.

Dec 2nd, 2018

Last few days of lost and found before it goes away. If you lost something take a look!

Friday term one report cards go home.

Oct 16th, 2018

If you missed the first day of parent/teacher interviews please sign up today for tomorrows session, there is still a few spots available.

Parent Teacher Conferences Oct 16th and 17th

Please follow this link to choose a time for a meeting.

Contact Mr. Lloyd if you have any questions.


Oct 3rd, 2018

Upcoming events: Road Work...You might want to pick up and drop off on the other side of the field and avoid the chaos...

Sent: September 28, 2018 11:46 AM

To: Royal Oak

Subject: Upcoming Construction on West Saanich

Saanich has an upcoming watermain construction project on West Saanich Rd, between Royal Oak Dr and Markham St, which will have an impact on traffic. While Royal Oak Middle School is outside the work area, I want to notify the school as West Saanich Rd is one of it's main approaches.

Construction will be starting October 9 and is scheduled for completion by February. During that time, the road will regularly be limited to a single lane of alternating traffic between 9am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday. We will have traffic control personnel on-site to help direct traffic, however delays should be expected during these times.

Please forward this information to the appropriate people at the school and let me know if you have any questions.


Nathan Robertson, AScT

Engineering Technician IV

Underground Services Division

Engineering Department

Sept 10th, 2018

Upcoming events:

  1. 1. Sept 15 & 16 – FT – Gr 8 Rowing – Elk Lake – Sat 10:30-12:30 & Sun 8:30-10:30 am
  2. 2. Sept 17 – FT – Youth In Action – Fairmont Empress – 9:15 – 11:15 am
  3. 3. Sept 18 – Judo – MPR – 3:15 – 3:45 pm - Mollard
  4. 7. Sept 20 – Photo Day
  5. 11. Sept 26 – Welcome Back BBQ – Meet the Staff Night– 4:30-7 pm

Sept 9th, 2018

This years District School calendar

Sept 4th, 2018

Welcome Back!

Make sure you have the lock for your locker and come prepared to learn on Wednesday.

Forms 2018/2019

September 5th, 2018

All the forms that went home today need to come back for Friday. Please pay special attention to the G-suite form or you will not be able to use the computers...

To join the Google Classroom 8-8 Language Arts: 2L99LG