Lochside Division 16

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This site is meant to serve as a window into our classroom as well as provide students with resources and supplementary learning materials.

The Extra Resources page contains many wonderful resource links available through both the Saanich school district or government of BC websites.

Please use this website along with classroom emails to stay informed during the school year!

Hello all,

I'd like to start by saying how much I have been enjoying each student's Book of Thoughts. I've already noticed growth in the ability to generate ideas and express thoughts and ideas. It's also been great to read over the personal goals that each student makes on a weekly basis. It really shows the sense of ownership and responsibility that learners are capable of! Thank you again for your thoughtful comments and words of encouragement within these journals.

I've received an email stating that Lochside clothing purchases are now open for business! Stores will be open until November 1st with expected delivery the week of November 23. Please keep in mind that there are two categories to select from.

The first link is for the General Spirit wear Store: https://store.passionsports.ca/Lochside which is clothing available to the entire Lochside community

The second link is Grade 5 "Class of 21" Apparel: : https://store.passionsports.ca/Lochside2021 which is for students who are currently in grade five. The reason for the two categories is that grade five apparel contains each student's signature to recognize their final year at Lochside!

Some other highlights of the week include:

*Trail walk: Student's learned a new route and sketched a nature scene along the way. We tied this activity into an ongoing theme around mindfulness and how nature can be a place to achieve this.

*Government: Students discussed and completed activities around citizenship and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We compared and contrasted rights verses responsibilities of Canadian citizens.

*Math: Students learned strategies around comparing and ordering numbers based on their place value. Please check out the class website for an intro video on "Rounding numbers." We will be discussing this topic next week.

*Students participated in the Shake out B.C. earthquake drill. This was our first school wide drill of the year. Please take the time to discuss your plan in the event of an earthquake at home.

Oct. 9, 2020

It was great to take part in our bike skills session today with the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society. You could sense the anticipation building over the last few days and it was a wonderful way to end the week! Students navigated their way through a variety of courses while learning about road safety and bike handling. Please ask your child to share some of their highlights with you.

The last few weeks have been a great opportunity for me to learn about all members of the class as well as for classmates to learn about each other. We have discussed classroom expectations as well as partaken in community building activities. All of this while spending the necessary time learning new protocol and routines to stay safe! Although the year is early, I continue to get a picture of each child as a learner through our classroom activities as well as assessments. Please note that meetings to discuss your child's progress will occur in November. This will give us ample time for both a clear picture of student progress as well as ensure that planning around safety considerations can take place. I will get in touch with you to discuss ways to support your child's learning by phone or email prior to this if necessary. That being said, I always appreciate a quick chat outside the class after school!

A few other highlights of the week include:

*Students worked on a number of lessons around sentence fluency. Please ask your child to explain what a subject, predicate and verb are!

*In grade 4 math, students worked on showing numbers in their standard form, written form and expanded form. We also used the Chrome Books to practice logging on to Reflex math. Please encourage your child to use this resource or another means of your choosing to help build fluency of basic math facts. Grade 5 students continue to work on their place value unit with Mr. O'Connor.

*In Social Studies students began a unit on Canadian government. After an activity accompanied by a slideshow, students discussed the different types of government including: democracy, dictatorship and monarchy.

*In Gym, students played a game of Four Corner Soccer. The class worked hard to put their dribbling, passing and shooting skills from previous lessons into action.

*Please also check your inbox for an updated information sheet on classroom allergies.

September 25th, 2020

We've had another busy week of learning in division 16! The class has done a wonderful job of adapting to our new schedules and routines as we settle into the school year. We've discussed classroom beliefs and are getting under way with a number of our units. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our class website. Agenda items will be included here in addition to the student planners to help you stay informed on days when your child is absent.

This week, students completed their first brainstorm and write within their Book of Thoughts. Every Friday students will write a about their week within this journal and bring it home at the end of the day. The main purpose of this activity is to allow your child to share about their week while building writing skills. Please take the time to read the information sheet on the inside cover of this book as it shares important information about the activity. It is most important to note that this is an unedited piece of writing and an opportunity to practice self expression rather than conventions of print. There will be many other opportunities for practicing these concepts! Some other highlights from the week include:

  • beginning a mini mapping unit as we prepare to learn about levels of government in Canada.

  • starting math with our cohort group. Mr. O'Connor will be teaching grade five students this year while I'll be teaching Grade four. This allows us to focus on grade level content directly. Each group began by completing an activity called, "Figure me Out." Please ask your child to describe this to you.

  • Silhouette art project. Students have shared pictures and words about themselves captured within their silhouette. This has been a great way for students to share about themselves as well as for me to get to know them better!

  • Soccer skills in gym. We've started this unit by practicing ball control and dribbling techniques as well as passing. Students learned a game called, "Bumpers" to build passing skills. Please ask your child to describe this to you.

I'd like to thank you for doing your part to check over and complete all of the necessary forms coming your way. I know there are a lot of them! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing students back on Tuesday as Monday is a non-instructional day.

Our recess schedule has changed!

In addition to the break times pictured left, students will have a 10:30 snack time as well as lunch at 12:35.