Is this program for you?

AIAO is best suited for the following learners:

  • Learners who prefer place & nature-based learning opportunities that are hands-on, authentic, and collaborative

  • Learners who wish to learn numeracy and literacy through cross-curricular, real world experiences

  • Learners who wish to deepen their connection to the natural world

  • Learners who value community and powerful relationships with peers and teachers

Success at AIAO requires collaboration with everyone involved in the student's learning and growth.

How to Apply

  1. Schedule a visit with AIAO.

  2. Download and fill out our application form.

  3. Hand in the application form to the office staff at Fulton Secondary. You will then be contacted to set up an interview!

AIAO Application Form

Copy of AIAO Application Package EDITED June 10

Frequently asked questions

As AIAO is housed at Fulton Secondary, can I participate in Fulton athletics and extracurriculars?

YES, absolutely!

Can I graduate from AIAO with a BC Dogwood diploma?


What grades can attend?

AIAO is made up of learners in grades 7 - 12 and is a program of choice that students can remain in from their entry year through to graduation.

What grades can apply to AIAO?

We are currently accepting application for students in grades 7 - 9.