Peter Batkin

7th grade Individuals and Societies

11th and 12th grade Diploma High level History of the Americas

Kit Carson International Academy

Mr. Batkin and one of his former "students". He has a strange connection with sharks.

Back To School Night

videos for all classes and AV club are below

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AV Club

7th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

BTSN - AV Club 2020.mp4
BTSN Batkin 7th grade.mp4
btsn 11th grade.mp4
BTSN 12th grade.mp4

Schedule for Fall of 2020

Middle School - world history

Gate I&S - period 3

I&S - Period 4 and 6

High School - History of the Americas

Juniors period 1 and 5

Seniors period 7

All sharks

See video on the right. (for sharks only)

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