Visual Art Students

GLVPAA Visual Art Program

Art Department Chair, Fine Art, Multimedia, Architecture/Fashion Design: Mr. Rick Browne

Art Teacher: Graphic Design Program: Mr. Andy Shannon

Art Teacher: Sculpture, Fibers and Metals: Mr. Keith Capizzi

GLVPAA Studio Art class: Mrs. Rosalyn Shepherd

What classes are available for students in the Visual Art Program?

❏ Art Exploration (Prerequisite for all other visual art classes)

❏ Drawing & Painting

❏ Advanced Drawing

❏ Advanced Painting

❏ Design, Fashion & Architecture

❏ Advanced Studio Design

❏ Ceramics I – Intro to Ceramics

❏ Ceramics II

❏ Ceramics III - Advanced

❏ Intro to Art Metals & Fibers

❏ Art Metals II

❏ Art Metals III

❏ Art Fibers II

❏ Art Fibers III

❏ Sculpture & Printmaking I -Introduction

❏ Sculpture & Printmaking II

❏ Sculpture & Printmaking III -Advanced

❏ Sculptural Welding

❏ Digital Photography I

❏ Digital Photography II

❏ Animation & Film Making

❏ Senior Art Studio-2D

❏ Senior Craft Studio-3D

❏ Graphic Design I

❏ Graphic Design II

❏ GLVPAA Studio Art Class

What is a Portfolio? And what do I need to include for my portfolio review?

A portfolio is a collection of your works that represent your abilities, interests and creativity. It should include 5-6 pieces, which can be any of the following: 2D, 3D art, digital art, sketch books, photography, self portrait, still life, paintings and drawings and no more than 1 strong but unfinished piece.

What are my career options in visual art?

There art hundreds of careers for professional artists in all different areas. Check out the Art Career Project website for information.

How do I take part in the Regional Scholastic Art Show?

Your Art Teachers will recommend artwork for the show, but students can also request that their artwork be submitted. Follow the link for information.

How do I join Art Club?

Applications are available every year in October for admission into SHS Art Club. The application requires a one page short answer questionnaire and a recommendation from a teacher or administrator of the students choice. Both sections need to be returned by a deadline for consideration. Membership is limited to 20 students. Once a student is an Art Club member they do not have to reapply each year. New member openings are based on the number of Senior members the previous year and any non-returning students if any.

How can I become an intern helping the Jr. Arts Academy's elementary after-school program?

The Jr. Arts Academy is an after school arts program for students in the 3rd - 6th grade. Students are there Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 2:40pm-6:00pm. An ideal candidates for the internship should be able to commit 2-6 hours a week in a consistent program schedule and the ability to work with younger learners. Selected interns will also receive certified volunteer hours from Oberlin Center for the Arts and letters of support.

Fine Arts Internships are available to SHS Junior or Senior Arts student for the 2020-21 school year. If you are interested contact Rosalyn Shepherd at, or Ms. E at

General responsibilities are to assist the Site Manager and program staff before, during and after programming, which includes:

  • Arranging program spaces, site preparation, set-up, tear-down and cleanup duties

  • Being in the classrooms to guide students through artistic experiences at the direction of the instructors

  • Support students outside of the class time, and working at the direction of the Site Manager

  • Monitor student behavior and communicate issues in a timely manner

  • Help to coordinate and implement special events including family nights and program showcase

RCAAS Student Art Gallery and Resource Library Course and Internship Opportunity

For this course, GLVPAA visual art students will focus on three arts careers: Gallery Management, Visual Art Archivist and Art Educator.

Students will learn from and collaborate with professionals, and apply their knowledge by managing a student gallery, creating an arts resource lending-library, and interning as assistants to Arts Educators.

  • Students will work with a gallery owner to learn how to select artists, manage contracts, budget, advertise, display art, and host a gallery show.

  • Archive librarians will teach skills and processes needed to professionally archive prints and resources.

  • Students will collect items based on artists, eras, style and media; collect prints, take digital photos; and assemble resources into packets for the new arts reference library.

  • Students will work with art educators, contracted through the Center for Arts Inspired Learning Organization. High school students will get hands-on experience working as their teaching assistants.

GLVPAA seniors and Juniors will receive more of an internship experience working in collaboration with the Global Internship Program at Sandusky High School.

All of these experiences will help build student's resume with work experience, leadership skills, educational activities and professional letters of recommendations.

Advice from Professors and Grads on Creating an Art Portfolio for School

College Credit Plus Courses in Art!

Have you tested college ready and are interested in Visual Art related College Credit Plus courses? Then please contact Mr. Koonce at or 419-984-1085 to get a list of available courses online at various institutions or at BGSU Firelands campus.

GLVPAA Art Studio Class

Students work to create individual and group centered works of art.