GLVPAA Instrumental Education Program

SHS Music Department Chair, SHS Orchestra Director: Brian Nitschke

SHS Band Director: Daniel Klohn

SMS Band Director, SHS Assistant Band Director: Josh Barringer

SMS Orchestra Director and SHS Assistant Orchestra Director: Wendy Hayberger

What experience do I need in order to be in the Band or Orchestra Instrumental Programs?

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the Band and/or Orchestra program. Recommendation of the eighth-grade directors and/or approval of the high school directors are required. Some students may be required to audition for placement in the Band and Orchestra.

Each summer, Band students are required to attend six weeks of Summer Band instruction (one day per week), including a Marching Band performance at the 4th of July Celebration downtown. In late July, Band students are also required to attend two weeks of Band Camp, which runs from 8-1pm at SHS. Failure to attend or participate in these two components will result in dismissal from the Band program.

Do I have to audition for the GLVPAA Band Education Program? What if I am open enrolling into the district?

Interested students should either speak with the Band Directors or schedule an audition with the Band Directors during the spring semester of a given year for the next academic year. Students who are affiliated with both Band and GLVPAA, require a Band instructor recommendation to maintain enrollment in this program.

What are my requirements as a GLVPAA Band student?

Students who have been accepted into the GLVPAA Band Education program are required to take the GLVPAA Band Studio Class at least 2 out of their 4 years at SHS. Exceptions will be given when scheduling restrictions apply.

GLVPAA Band Studio Class: Students in the SHS Band (grades 9-12) who have demonstrated a high level of musical ability and are interested in furthering their skills in a focused environment are eligible to participate in this year-long course. Recommendation of the Band Directors and/or successful completion of an audition is required enroll in this course.

Students will have private lessons once weekly (1/2 period in length) with a Band Director, will be split up into small student-led ensembles (as instrumentation allows), will learn ability appropriate and advancing solos, and will work in instrument specific method books on the refinement of technique and musicianship skills, as well as being exposed to learning new skills and extended techniques on their instrument.

Students will also take part in monthly or bi-weekly seminars/masterclasses where they perform for constructive feedback from their peers and instructors. Students will perform at OMEA Solo & Ensemble events and have the opportunity to take part in several Honor Band opportunities throughout the region, as well as extra performance opportunities that may arise during a given school year. Additional performances may occur as determined by the instructors.

Students who take part in this course should possess the following skills: the willingness and commitment to practice in preparation for lessons or performances, the ability to stay focused in a student-led practice environment, the ability to receive/interpret/apply constructive criticism from instructors and peers, the ability to work collaboratively with others in a small ensemble setting, trustworthiness, and honesty.

What are my requirements as a GLVPAA Orchestra student?

Currrently students are able to take part in GLVPAA activities, including instrumental workshops and masterclasses. We currently do not have an Studio class for Orchestra student as does the Band students. We are working toward better opportunities for our string instrument students. We do encourage students to take lessons outside of the school day for one on one instruction and helpful feedback from a teacher.

What classes and performance opportunities will I have in the Instrumental program?

Each one of the following instrumental group host concerts throughout the year, both in school and in the community. As well students can take part in festivals, Honors Band, and state and regional competitions.

Marching Band (Co-curricular) :This ensemble meets during the first ten weeks of the school year. Participation in Marching Band is mandatory to continue in the Band program. The Marching Band performs at football games, parades (in the fall and spring), and any other events during the fall season (including marching band festivals). Members are expected to have successfully completed Summer Band and Band Camp, and will attend all after school rehearsals and performances.

Symphonic Band and/or Concert Band: At the conclusion of Marching Band season, ALL students will be auditioned for chairs in Symphonic Band and/or Concert Band (as instrumentation allows). These groups rehearse during the school day, but may hold additional sectionals and rehearsals outside of the school day, per the director's discretion. These groups perform at several required concerts and contests throughout the remainder of the year, as well as graduation.

Additional ensembles: Ensembles exist within the SHS Bands, including the SHS Blue Notes Jazz Band, the SHS Pep Band, the SHS Brass Choir, and Mallet/Woodwind choir.

GLVPAA Studio Class

Orchestra: Students in grades 9th-12th are eligible to participate in orchestra.

Electric Orchestra Ensemble: Extracurricular)

How can I become an Intern helping the Jr. Arts Academy's elementary after-school program?

The Jr. Arts Academy is an after school arts program for students in the 3rd - 6th grade. Students are there Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 2:40pm-6:00pm. An ideal candidates for the internship should be able to commit 2-6 hours a week in a consistent program schedule and the ability to work with younger learners. Selected interns will also receive certified volunteer hours from Oberlin Center for the Arts and letters of support.

Fine Arts Internships are available to SHS Junior or Senior Arts student for the 2020-21 school year. If you are interested contact Rosalyn Shepherd at, or Ms. E at

General responsibilities are to assist the Site Manager and program staff before, during and after programming, which includes:

  • Arranging program spaces, site preparation, set-up, tear-down and cleanup duties

  • Being in the classrooms to guide students through artistic experiences at the direction of the instructors

  • Support students outside of the class time, and working at the direction of the Site Manager

  • Monitor student behavior and communicate issues in a timely manner

  • Help to coordinate and implement special events including family nights and program showcase

Extra independent practice

Students use their daily GLVPAA studio time to practice independently on their musicality.

Students will also work with their peers in small student-led ensembles helping to keep students accountable while practicing.

Private Lessons

Students will have private lessons once weekly (1/2 period in length) with a Band Directors, helping them to improve and receive feedback on their progress.

What are my career options as a professional musician?

There are many careers that are available to talented, driven musicians! Find one that fits your goals at Careers in Music .com